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Children’s shows

A Punch and Judy show is the perfect entertainment for your children's birthday party. I perform a special show for children's parties.

The entertainment starts off with a sleight of hand magic show. Coins appear from behind children's ears, objects vanish and appear and the birthday child gets to do their very own magic trick to enthusiastic applause. During the Magic show the children are taught all the traditional responses to Punch and Judy - such as "Its Behind you!" and "Oh no you didn't!" . So once the puppet show starts so does all the shouting.
punch and judy show
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Magic and puppets

The show can be either indoors or outdoors. For an indoor show I use a special indoor theatre especially designed for smaller spaces - perfect for a lounge for example. The show is suitable for children of any age, and is a fast paced slapstick comedy show with all the traditional characters. The baby, the policeman Toby the dog and of course the crocodile who finally manages to make off with Mr Punch's sausages.

The whole performance including the magic show lasts about forty five minutes and is a riot of audience participation. If you haven't already - have a look at the Punch and Judy video to give you some idea of the reaction you can expect!

For children’s parties I also perform a magic show that involves members of the audience doing some magic. The magic show involves lots of audience participation and is the prelude to the main event - the Punch and Judy Show!

The puppet show completely captivates the children’s imagination, and immediately the kids get completely involved in the magical world of the puppets. Punch and Judy has been around for over 355 years and when you see the way kids react to the characters it becomes immediately apparent why. There is no other entertainment for children that comes anywhere close to a Punch and Judy puppet show for excitement and laughter

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Children’s Disco

For a complete party package I can include a children's disco - whether in a front room or a church hall I can supply the perfect kids disco for any environment. Whether it be disco, pop or children's tunes I can supply disco lights and a professional sound system for a great party atmosphere for your child's birthday event. Special music mixes are played specifically designed for kids parties. So when planning your birthday and would like two hours of solid entertainment featuring, magic, puppets music and balloons give me a call or drop me an email for a quote
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